The Weight of Weight Management (with Naomi Parrella, MD)

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The Weight of Weight Management (with Naomi Parrella, MD)

June 14, 2022

The Weight of Weight Management (with Naomi Parrella, MD)

Fat. We’ve all got it. How do we know when we have too much? Does it seem like your doctor feels super uncomfortable talking to you about your weight? That’s probably because they usually are…

In this episode, Julie and Jeremy consult with Dr. Naomi Parrella, who is the expert in adipose, the queen of staying lean.  She is the medical director of the RUSH Center for Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery, and she is here to give us the skinny on all things FAT.  

Dr Parrella explains how we process and store energy, and how creating small habits can make BIG changes with respect to our weight. Can you be healthy and fat? Do low-carb, high protein diets really work? How can we maintain weight loss after we have achieved it? 

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