Series on Symptoms (SOS): Painful Urination (UTI)

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Series on Symptoms (SOS): Painful Urination (UTI)

June 20, 2023

Series on Symptoms (SOS): Painful Urination (UTI)

Pee problems. We mean urinary frequency, urgency, and pain/burning with urination. These symptoms can be super uncomfortable, and a simple bodily function which we perform many times a day can be a dreadful experience. 

We continue our “Series on Symptoms”- where we take a deep dive into common symptoms that we experience, why they exist, and what to do about them.

In this episode we cover:

What causes painful urination (dysuria)? What about frequency and urgency?

What is actually happening in our bodies when we experience these symptoms?

What are evidence-based treatments for urinary tract infections?

Does cranberry juice actually work? Why or why not?

What are risk factors for UTI?

When should I seek urgent medical care (i.e. go to the ER)?

Our bodies are weird, wild wonderlands, and our symptoms are little clues or puzzles that require some introspection and education to understand and respond to effectively!

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