Pleasurable Movement with Laura Danger! (Cross-Post with Time To Lean podcast :)

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Pleasurable Movement with Laura Danger! (Cross-Post with Time To Lean podcast :)

May 16, 2023

Pleasurable Movement with Laura Danger! (Cross-Post with Time To Lean podcast :)

COLLAB EPISODE! Our BFF Laura Danger of the Time To Lean podcast (and former YDF guest!) graciously had Julie on her pod recently, and we want to share the episode with YOU!

In this episode, Julie and Laura talk about the importance of maintaining friendship connections (and how it positively affects our health). Platonic relationships can be intimate too! They also talk about the oft-mentioned BitchyWalks, which is when they go on long walks in the neighborhood together and vent frustrations and celebrate wins 🙂 They break down attachment styles, and the human need to maintain safe spaces to unload thoughts and feelings.

Laura has a GREAT book recommendation! Check out Platonic by Marisa G. Franco, PhD.

Check out Time To Lean podcast, with co-hosts Laura Danger (@thatdarnchat on IG) and Crystal Britt (@itscrystalbritt on IG).

Check out Laura Danger’s website, 🙂

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