Is Yoga for Me? (with DuShaun Branch Pollard)

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Is Yoga for Me? (with DuShaun Branch Pollard)

February 28, 2023

Is Yoga for Me? (with DuShaun Branch Pollard)

YOGA. If you’ve never done it, the concept can be intimidating. All those crazy poses with difficult-to-pronounce names. Is it gonna be HOT in the room? Are there mirrors everywhere? What if I fall down? OMG what if my body makes a weird noise and EVERYONE HEARS IT??

Never fear! Today we have an AMAZING yoga instructor here to quell our yoga fears and help us break down the barriers to the wonderful benefits yoga can bring.

DuShaun has been practicing yoga for 13 years and is a certified yoga instructor by the Yoga Alliance. As a yoga student, she noticed that she was the only black and plus-sized person in the room, which inspired her to bring yoga to more people who looked like her.

She previously worked in higher education and community activism in the North Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago’s west side. She often teaches yoga in “non-traditional” settings. 

“She intends on taking down as many barriers as possible to bring yoga to those who are looking for calm and relaxed minds.” (direct quote from her site for her amazing brand, SAGE GAWD COLLECTIVE).

So get centered, friends! This one is an ABSOLUTE CAN’T-MISS EPISODE!

Topics in this episode include:

Is yoga right for my body?

Is there special preparation I should do before yoga? Do I need fancy equipment?

What if I’m just not flexible? Can I still do yoga?

How does practicing yoga impact our minds and bodies?

How can we practice inclusivity and cultural competence in yoga?

How can we make yoga more accessible for everyone?

Follow DuShaun on Instagram with her handle, @dushaun_nicole, and visit to learn more about how we break down barriers in yoga 🙂

Catch a virtual class with DuShaun the 4th Saturday morning of the month at the Garfield Park Conservatory!

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