Is Artificial Turf Unsafe for Athletes?

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Is Artificial Turf Unsafe for Athletes?

October 17, 2023

Is Artificial Turf Unsafe for Athletes?

Let’s STRETCH this brain meal out, shall we? This week we are separating the entrees into courses with a little trip to the dessert cart! Jeremy serves up the FIRST COURSE today! Keep an eye out for Julie’s course this THURSDAY!

Let’s gobble up the “brain nutrition” that helps YOU feel more empowered to appraise health stories in the news.

Today’s HEALTH HEADLINES include:

Which is safer for athletes, artificial turf, or REAL GRASS playing surfaces?

With the recent Achilles injury suffered by Aaron Rodgers on the turf field at the Jets home stadium, the debate between turf vs. grass was reignited, to say the least.

What are the pros and cons of turf versus grass fields. What does the data suggest regarding injuries in athletes. Is there any increased risk of cancer to athletes playing on turf fields?

Let YOUR DOCTOR FRIENDS give you the digestible chunks of info!

PLUS our “Dessert Cart” contains quick bites about a new intra-uterine device (Jada) that can stop postpartum hemorrhage and save lives, as well as “sound colors” and picking what kind of “white noise” can help you!

Resources for today’s topics include:

An ESPN article discussing the turf debate.

The NFL Players Association’s take on turf.

American Journal of Sports Medicine article on injury rates on turf fields.

AJSM systematic review on lower extremity injury rates on turf vs grass fields.

AJSM article on padded vs non-padded turf fields.

British Medical Journal article on concussions and artificial turf.

OJSM article on ACL injuries on turf.

Safe Healthy Playing Fields Inc website on costs of grass vs turf.

Washington State Department of Health investigation of cancer and turf/crumb rubber.

Healio article on the RUBY study about the Jada system for treating acute postpartum hemorrhage.

Jen Hamilton (labor and delivery RN) viral TikTok about the Jada system.

Washington Post article about “sound colors.”

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