I Hurt My Knee, What Should I Do?

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I Hurt My Knee, What Should I Do?

December 13, 2022

I Hurt My Knee, What Should I Do?

Oh no! I twisted my knee in a funky way and felt a pop and now it hurts! What do I do? Is this bad?? Do I need surgery?? HELP!

As Sports Medicine physicians, Jeremy and Julie have fielded this concern too many times to count. Its scary! One minute your knee is fine, and the next its all swollen and painful and you’re limping around. Your mind immediately goes to your buddy who had to have major reconstructive surgery and was hobbling around on crutches for seemingly forever.

DON’T PANIC. Chances are you can weather this storm without undergoing a major invasive intervention. Knee injuries are incredibly common, and the majority of folks just need some good old fashioned time, rest, ice and TLC for their injury to heal.

In this episode, Jeremy and Julie walk you through the immediate checklist to go through once you’ve tweaked your knee, red flag signs to look for, and tips on how to make it better.

No KNEE-d to fear!! 😉

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