Do LED Light Masks Actually Work? Why Do Women Pay More For Healthcare? And MORE!

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Do LED Light Masks Actually Work? Why Do Women Pay More For Healthcare? And MORE!

October 3, 2023

Do LED Light Masks Actually Work? Why Do Women Pay More For Healthcare? And MORE!

This week you get TWO entrees with a little trip to the dessert cart!

Julie and Jeremy picked some juicy stories from health headlines, strained out the inedible parts, and left you the sweet nectar.

Let’s gobble up the “brain nutrition” that helps YOU feel more empowered to appraise health stories in the news.

This week’s HEALTH HEADLINES include:

Why do women pay more out-of-pocket for healthcare in the US? Julie breaks down a Deloitte analysis, and teaches Jeremy about the PINK TAX, and how it’s EVERYWHERE (including in our insurance healthcare costs).

Do LED light masks actually work? Do they result in younger-looking skin, less wrinkles, and fewer acne breakouts? Or are they just a scary cross-between-Jason-and-Ironman looking facial accessory??

Our “Dessert Cart” contains quick bites about blood tests for long COVID, expiration dates for COVID tests, and cannabis-related car crashes and ER visits.

Resources for today’s topics include:

Deloitte’s analysis- “Hiding in plain sight: The health care gender toll.”

The CDC’s Summary Health Statistics: National Health Interview Survey 2018.

A 2019 Harvard Health Article- “Mars vs Venus: The gender gap in health.”

The Hysteria Podcast on Crooked Media (Sept 28 Episode features the Deloitte Analysis)

(lol not scientific, but funny) A HuffPo Listicle about THE PINK TAX.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons website on “What is LED light therapy and what are the benefits?

Harvard Health Article- “LED lights: Are they a cure for your skin woes?

Annals of Family Medicine article- “Blue-Light Therapy for Acne Vulgaris: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis“.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews- “Light therapies for acne.”

An article from Photomedicine and Laser Surgery on red-light therapy for facial skin.

A Healthline article- “LED Light Therapy for Skin: What to Know.”

Healio article- “Traffic injury ED visits involving cannabis grow over recent years.”

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