Can Stem Cells Cure My Arthritis? (with Jorge Chahla, MD, PhD)

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Can Stem Cells Cure My Arthritis? (with Jorge Chahla, MD, PhD)

May 31, 2022

Can Stem Cells Cure My Arthritis? (with Jorge Chahla, MD, PhD)

Does it feel like every other billboard or advertisement is telling you it can cure your pain with stem cells? We agree. But what is the real story? We talk with a world-expert in biologic cell therapy, Dr. Jorge Chahla, about what is actually going on with these treatments.

Dr. Jorge Chahla is an orthopedic surgeon based in Chicago who specializes in the treatment of complex knee, hip, shoulder issues and all sports related injuries. He is a team physician for multiple professional organizations and serves as the Director of Biomechanical Research and Director of the International Fellowship Program that attracts surgeons from all over the world to train and study at Rush. He is internationally recognized for his contributions to the field of orthopedic sports medicine through minimally invasive techniques, and as a pioneer in novel biologic treatments. Learn more about Dr. Chahla at or social media: @chicagosportsdoc (instagram) and @jachahla (twitter). 

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