Zoom Fatigue, Instructional Design, and Relatable Content

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Zoom Fatigue, Instructional Design, and Relatable Content

May 24, 2021

Zoom Fatigue, Instructional Design, and Relatable Content


Amanda Kaczerski, ATC, MS, CHCP is Vice Principal of Educational Strategy at the Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning. We first met at the beginning of 2020, feels like 100 years ago now, when we both co-presented as faculty in a prep course for the Alliance’s CHCP exam. I’m delighted to have her on the show today, we’re going to talk about instructional design, and geek out a little bit and some of those instructional design parameters.

00:04:19 From field sales to learning design

00:06:11 Pay attention to clinician goals

00:11:00 Dealing with online fatigue

00:14:55 Addressing the “shiny objects”

00:19:46 Changes in how people approach education design

00:22:24 Leveraging a range of virtual learning approaches for CME/CPD

00:27:15 Key Take Aways

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Host: Alexandra Howson PhD
Sound Engineer: Suzen Marie
Shownotes: Anna Codina

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