Every Word Must Count

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Every Word Must Count

June 7, 2021

Every Word Must Count

Adrienne Stevens, EdD, MBA, Vice President and Head of Scientific Strategy at Healio Strategic Solutions shares how her passion for dance, and her interest in the mechanics of movement, physical therapy, anatomy, and physiology has translated into a career as a medical communicator. Dance requires precision, and that’s what Adrienne practices in her work. 

Welcoming Adrienne Stevens, PhD in physiology, to the podcast 

[00:02] Some of the things Adrienne  learned in the process of writing her dissertation that fuel her approach in healthcare communication.

[00:04] Some of the key differences Adrienne sees between scientific writing and business writing. 

 [00:09] Key types of communication that work with physicians and other healthcare workers.

 [00:13:25] The importance of motivational interviewing.

[0015:29] Differences in the kind of education strategy and format that MSLs respond to compared with clinicians. 

[00:18:22]  Are we interactive enough in the education we design?

[00:20:36] Communication in obesity education.

Healio Strategic Solutions
Performing Health
Motivational interviewing 

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Podcast Team
Host: Alexandra Howson PhD
Sound Engineer: Suzen Marie
Shownotes: Anna Codina

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