Mentoring You, Mentoring Me: Reciprocity and Relationship

Write Medicine

Mentoring You, Mentoring Me: Reciprocity and Relationship

October 14, 2021

Mentoring You, Mentoring Me: Reciprocity and Relationship

My guest on episode 16 of Write Medicine is Greselda Butler, a  health education professional who works at Otsuka. Greselda lives her passion for educating and leading others toward their passion.  IN this episode, we talk about mentoring—what is is, its benefits for both mentor and mentee, and how to find and structure mentoring opportunities.

Goldfarb Institute
Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions
Healthcare Business Women’s Association

The Alliance’s Pilot Mentoring Program launched in October 2020

Townsend B. Mentoring Virtually: A Timely Benefit for Alliance Members

Johnson-Bailey J, Cervero R. Mentoring in black and white: the intricacies of cross‐cultural mentoring. Sociology. 2007: 7-21

Connect with Greselda
Twitter: @aCMEstory

Podcast Team
Host: Alexandra Howson PhD
Sound Engineer: Suzen Marie
Shownotes: Linzy Carothers

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