Cultivating a Craftsman Mindset in Continuing Healthcare Education

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Cultivating a Craftsman Mindset in Continuing Healthcare Education

October 4, 2021

Cultivating a Craftsman Mindset in Continuing Healthcare Education

Anne Jacobson MSPharm, CHCP is an independent writer who has been specializing in healthcare professional education since 1999.

We recorded our conversation in May 2021. For Anne and many colleagues in continuing healthcare education, the last 18 months or so has been a time of taking stock and reflection on what we want the next phases of our careers to look like.

We discuss this process of reflection and the path it leads to questions about how we find fulfillment in work and life.

As many guests on Write Medicine have shared, there are so many different stories of how we found our way into medical writing and medical education.

Anne observes that across all these different stories is a consistent theme: most of us didn’t follow a pre-existing passion for medical writing or continuing healthcare education; we discovered it while we were on the road to other things.

But what many people share in this space is what Cal Newport calls a craftsman mindset

We explore:
✔️ How does a person get good at what they do?
✔️What does craftsmanship look like?
✔️ How do we keep things interesting in our work and create the life we want?

✔️ Continuing Medical Education (CME)
✔️ American Medical Writers Association Conference
✔️ National Association of Science Writers
✔️ Cal Newport Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown

Deep Work
So Good
Digital Minimalism
Craftsman Mindset

✔️ International Society for Medical Publication Professionals
✔️ National Association for Health Care Quality
✔️ CME Palooza
✔️ UC San Diego Medical Writing Certificate Program
✔️ American Medical Association (AMA) Medical Writing Certificate Program

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