Meeting the Need for Trustworthy CME/CE Needs Assessments

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Meeting the Need for Trustworthy CME/CE Needs Assessments

October 3, 2022

Meeting the Need for Trustworthy CME/CE Needs Assessments

Ruwaida Vakil, MSc is a consultant, speaker and a medical writer with expertise in medical communications and continuing medical education (CME). Ruwaida earned her MSc in Immunology at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Cancer Institute. She moved into developing educational content over 21 years ago and is a highly experienced writer of needs assessments. She has developed an effective system for ensuring that these kinds of CME/CE deliverables are framed by fair balance,  detail gaps in clinical practice, describe the likely education required to address those gaps, and foreshadow anticipated outcomes from education.
On this episode, Ruwaida shares valuable lessons for people considering a move into CME/CE writing, or for CME/CE writers who are considering working freelance.
 ✔️Establishing a CME/CE writing niche can be highly rewarding and sustainable especially if you establish yourself as an expert in writing needs assessments.
 ✔️Direct energy into marketing yourself as a CME/CE writer to ensure a steady stream of valuable and valued clients.
 ✔️Develop relationship management skills to ensure fair balance and content integrity.
 ✔️Use downtime to remain current in your specialist area. You can share new insights with clients and position yourself as a valuable partner in their work.
  ✔️Sales training and non-accredited education clients value CME writers as skilled content partners.
Ruwaida has generously shared a range of resources for listeners. 

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