Defining Competencies for CME/CE Writers

Write Medicine

Defining Competencies for CME/CE Writers

September 19, 2022

Defining Competencies for CME/CE Writers

In this episode of Write Medicine, I’m joined by Don Harting to talk about CME writing competencies. What are the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that those writing CME/CPD content need to develop in order to create content that connects with and educates health professionals?

Medical writers often ask CME writers where to find training and how to get started in CME writing. Don says that clients share with him how challenging it is to find skilled writers for CME-related work. Don and his co-investigator Haifa Kassis think the medical writing field needs a competency model as a basis for training programs and skill-building that is directed toward the need for codified expertise in CME writing. They’re using a Delphi process with a panel of experts to determine what those competencies might be. 

We discussed:
✔️ Changing practices for writing needs assessments
✔️ What a competency model for CME/CPD writers might entail
✔️ Why a competency model for CME/CPD writers is important
✔️ Key deliverables for CME writers
✔️ The role of Delphi method in determining competencies—what it is and how it can be used
✔️ Ranking function in Delphi
✔️ Anticipated outcomes from the Delphi approach
✔️ Ethics and fair balance in content development


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