Gender Equity in CME: Practical Strategies for Empowerment

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Gender Equity in CME: Practical Strategies for Empowerment

May 22, 2024

Gender Equity in CME: Practical Strategies for Empowerment

Have you ever wondered how gender inequities affect career progression in the world of continuing medical education/professional development (CME/CPD)?

In this episode, we explore women’s pervasive challenges in CME and CPD, from microaggressions to barriers in leadership roles. Whether you’re looking to climb the career ladder or simply gain insights into the dynamics of gender equality within your field, this conversation sheds light on critical issues affecting many in the industry.

1. Discover strategies to navigate and overcome gender-based barriers to career advancement in CME and CPD.

2. Learn how to build and leverage a supportive network that can help propel your career forward.

3. Gain insights into the real experiences and solutions from industry veterans Poonam Kapadia and Annette Schwind, who have successfully navigated these waters.

Tune in to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to advocate for equity and forge a path to leadership in medical education.

Connect with Poonam and Annette

Poonam Kapadia, Vice President, Education Strategy: [email protected]

Annette Schwind, Associate Director, Medical Grants & Sponsorships, LinkedIn, [email protected]


Field E, Krivkovich A, Kügele S, Robinson N, Yee L. Women in the Workplace Report, McKinsey, 2023.


00:00 Introduction

01:35 Introducing Poonam and Annette

05:37 How they started getting interested in gender inequities in CME/CPD

10:45 More about the poll they took at the Alliance panel in New Orleans 2024 and what surprised them

14:00 Women’s experiences of microaggressions 

16:09 Starting the conversation on intersectionality

20:09 Addressing pay inequities

25:53 Building trust in a distributed field

32:31 Skills and strategies for women navigating CME careers

36:32 Practical takeaways from today’s episode

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