How to break into CME as a medical writer

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How to break into CME as a medical writer

May 24, 2024

How to break into CME as a medical writer

How can you break into the rewarding and lucrative field of continuing medical education (CME) writing?

If you’re a health professional, academic, science researcher, or vet looking to transition into a career that offers more autonomy, flexibility, and meaningful work, this episode is for you. Discover how to leverage your existing skills and passion for writing, healthcare, and lifelong learning to create engaging educational content that supports health professionals and improves patient care.

By listening to this episode, you’ll learn:

1. The five essential milestones to pave your way to success as a CME writer

2. Core competencies needed to excel in CME writing

3. Practical strategies for building your portfolio and networking to lay the foundation for landing your first CME writing projects


1. Understanding the CME landscape is crucial: Familiarize yourself with the history, purpose, and function of CME, including policies, ethics, and key stakeholders in this highly regulated field.

2. Develop core competencies: To succeed as a CME writer, in addition to strong writing skills, you need to be conversant with medical terminology, have solid research abilities, and be able to apply adult learning principles to content.

3. Build relationships and showcase your expertise: Networking is paramount in the close-knit CME community. Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect with education providers, attend industry events, and showcase your expertise.


Claire Bonneau, Email Newsletter Writer


00:00 Introduction

01:57 Milestone 1: Understanding CME

04:20 Milestone 2: Adult Learning Principles

05:27 Milestone 3: Formats and Deliverables in CME

06:41 Milestone 4: Core Competencies

09:57 Milestone 5: Connecting with Prospects and Networking

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