Escape the Ordinary: Unlocking Engagement with Escape Rooms

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Escape the Ordinary: Unlocking Engagement with Escape Rooms

October 18, 2023

Escape the Ordinary: Unlocking Engagement with Escape Rooms

In today’s episode, I speak with nurse educator Martha Johnson MSN, RN, CEN, otherwise known as Breakout RN, about using active learning strategies to engage nursing students for whom it is also often challenging to connect theory to bedside practice, especially in the context of unique patient scenarios. As a new educator, Martha’s first theory course was PowerPoint-heavy with a scripted lecture.  She started BreakoutRN to develop a learner-centered model and saw firsthand the improvements in student engagement and their ability to apply what they were learning to a clinical scenario. She encourages all nurse educators to embrace active learning while emphasizing that you don’t have to do it all at once, just take it one activity at a time.  

Key Takeaways:

1. Active Learning: Martha emphasizes that traditional lectures are not enough. Active learning strategies like escape rooms and card decks engage learners mentally, physically, and emotionally, enhancing both understanding and retention.

2. The Nursing Process: This systematic approach to patient care involves assessment, problem identification, intervention planning, and evaluation. Martha’s card decks are designed to guide students through this process in a simulated environment.

3. Educational Escape Rooms: Unlike entertainment escape rooms, educational ones have clear objectives and are meant to apply previously learned knowledge. They also offer opportunities to practice skills and professional behaviors like teamwork and communication.

4. Storytelling: Storytelling helps make learning stick in both in escape rooms and card decks. Real-world settings, clinical data, and even social determinants of health can add depth to the learning experience.

6. Interdisciplinary Learning: Martha mentions that some simulations involve interdisciplinary teams, including law enforcement and paramedic students, to mimic real-world scenarios.

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