Creating Value in CME/CE Content with Generative-AI

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Creating Value in CME/CE Content with Generative-AI

October 11, 2023

Creating Value in CME/CE Content with Generative-AI

In this episode, I spoke with Sean Sodha, founder of medical content platform Grafi AI, about the promise and pitfalls of generative AI for healthcare content creators. Sean shared his unique perspective on navigating this emerging technology.  We take a comprehensive look at the role of generative AI in medical content creation and explore its promise for augmenting human skills and improving productivity in the medical writing space.

Key Takeaways

  1. Generative AI can greatly accelerate drafting and ideation, but always requires human review. Gen-AI creates a first draft, not a final product.
  2. Prompt engineering could become less necessary as platforms improve at inferring users’ needs and styles. Still, thoughtful prompts produce better results.
  3. Look for gen-AI providers focused specifically on healthcare to address nuances around compliance, accuracy, empathy, and privacy.
  4. Thoroughly vet platforms on explainability, recency, relevance, and uncertainty to ensure responsible AI practices.
  5. When testing generative AI, use fake data rather than real person information to safeguard privacy. 

Steps for Educators

  • Consider gen-AI to streamline early phases of content creation like outlining.
  • Remain mindful of how use of AI is communicated to learners. Focus on intended benefits.
  • Advocate for transparent AI practices by creators to build trust.

Connect with Sean

BioGPT: a useful tool or cause for concern? The Publication Plan. July 2023. 

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