Accelerating Change: A Call to Action on Gender Equity in Medicine

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Accelerating Change: A Call to Action on Gender Equity in Medicine

October 4, 2023

Accelerating Change: A Call to Action on Gender Equity in Medicine

If you are at all interested in the status of women in medicine and the role of education in addressing gender inequities in the health professions, then you’re going to love today’s episode. I’m speaking with Rebecca Ortega about improving gender equity in cardiology. Rebecca is the Founding and executive director of Women as One, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting talent in medicine by offering professional opportunities to women cardiologists through several different programs. 

1. Rapid Evolution in Cardiology: Rebecca discusses her experience at SCAI, where she was in charge of education. 

2. The Art of Grant Writing: Needs assessment in grant writing. Get clear on why a program is necessary and how it will solve a problem. 

3. Challenges in Procedural Training: It might be straightforward to offer training for new procedures but gender equity is a more complex challenge that requires a different educational approach.

4. Women as One Initiative: This organization promotes gender equity in cardiology through various programs like CLIMB, Escalator Awards, and a talent directory to help diversify clinical trial leadership.

5. Future of Gender Equity in Cardiology: Focus on improving the quality of experience for women in the field rather than just numerical representation.

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