Navigating the Board: The Art of Building a Stellar Board  of Advisors With Sabrina Runbeck Ep 66

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Navigating the Board: The Art of Building a Stellar Board of Advisors With Sabrina Runbeck Ep 66

August 30, 2023

Navigating the Board: The Art of Building a Stellar Board of Advisors With Sabrina Runbeck Ep 66

In the dynamic realm of HealthTech leadership, fostering a cohesive board and mastering the art of onboarding an executive isn’t just advantageous – it’s essential for saving resources, amplifying ROI, and propelling success.

In this episode, we delve deep into the pivotal elements of HealthTech leadership that align seamlessly with PulsePoint Path’s commitment. Join us as we unveil transformative insights and strategies that spotlight the irreplaceable significance of harmonious board dynamics and meticulous executive onboarding.

  1. Complementary Skills: Explore how assembling a diverse board with distinct skills sparks innovation and strategic depth, ensuring your company thrives in a competitive HealthTech landscape. Discover how a cohesive board isn’t just a desirable asset; it’s the cornerstone of groundbreaking success.
  2. Cultural Fit: Uncover the pivotal role that shared values and culture play in forming a united front. Delve into how advisors and executives who resonate with your company’s ethos foster collaboration, curbing potential conflicts that could hinder your journey.
  3. Gradual Integration: Take a closer look at the transformative potential of gradual integration. Experience firsthand how allowing new team members to absorb your company’s DNA step by step not only enhances their impact but safeguards your investments.
  4. Person-Centered Communication: Peel back the layers of effective communication strategies that enhance cohesion. Witness how open, transparent dialogue doesn’t merely preempt conflicts; it knits together a tapestry of trust that fuels your collective success.
  5. Defined Roles: Venture into the realm of role clarity, where streamlined responsibilities aren’t just organizational magic – they’re the building blocks of productivity. Witness how laser-focused roles unleash unparalleled creativity and strategic alignment.
  6. Conflict Resolution: Embark on a journey through conflict resolution mastery. Discover how efficient protocols don’t merely contain disputes; they foster unity, reinforcing the bedrock of your united board and its relentless pursuit of objectives.

Episode Timeline:

[00:01:23] – Finding the right expert.

[00:06:14] – Onboarding costs for executives

[00:13:42] – Integrating Skill Sets

[00:17:32] – Psychological testing and profiling

[00:20:03] – Gradual integration of new advisors

[00:25:23] – Positive intelligence

[00:30:25] – Integration with operation efficiency

[00:34:23] – Tendencies and Mindset

[00:39:37] – Strategies to implement for integration

Ready to magnify your HealthTech journey’s impact?

Tune in πŸ”Što our podcast and unravel the blueprint for a cohesive board and strategic executive onboarding.



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