Growing Your Practice Through Videos with David Lu Ep 26

The Provider’s Edge

Growing Your Practice Through Videos with David Lu Ep 26

November 23, 2022

Growing Your Practice Through Videos with David Lu Ep 26

Are you sure you are truly leveraging your online presence in order to engage your audience and reach new, potential patients? Let’s face it – your patients are online. You are throwing $$$ out the window if you don’t make a genuine attempt to interact with and teach them in an online space. Videos can be a powerful tool in that online space. In particular, there are four types of key videos that, if used in the correct order, can be highly advantageous in your patient’s journey. 

David Lu, pharmacist turned marketing professional for physicians, joins us this week to teach us all about the four types of videos you NEED to make for your practice. Learn the secrets of these four videos on this week’s episode of The Provider’s Edge!

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