Ever felt lost in the ever-changing world of healthcare technology?

The Provider’s Edge

Ever felt lost in the ever-changing world of healthcare technology?

December 6, 2023

Ever felt lost in the ever-changing world of healthcare technology?

Entrepreneurs, listen up!

Your journey through the healthcare innovation maze is about to get a whole lot clearer.

I had an enlightening podcast interview with an industry leader, Adam Turinas.

And guess what?

They’ve laid out the map for success in digital health entrepreneurship.

Here are the 6 gold nuggets you don’t want to miss:

#1 🚀 Triad of Success: It’s all about validating ideas, forging robust partnerships, and embracing iterative strategies.

#2 🎯 Niche Selection: This isn’t just a choice. It’s a game-changer in healthcare innovation.

#3 📊 ABCs of Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Tailoring your approach to make a real impact.

#4 ⏳ Patient Persistence: The art of navigating those lengthy sales cycles.

#5💫 Empowering Others: Understand how your success creates a positive ripple effect.

#6🔍 Strategic Focus: Making that crucial decision between small and large organizations.

In this dynamic healthcare tech landscape, overcoming challenges is about more than just innovation.

It’s about strategic insights.

Let’s steer these success plans towards a brighter, more efficient future.

I invite you to share your experiences and insights with us as a post🌟 on LinkedIn and tag me @Sabrina Runbeck.

Tell us, what strategies resonate with your healthcare tech venture?

Episode Timeline:

[00:01:27] – Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Startups

[00:06:24] – Lucky Partnership for Startup Success 

[00:11:08] – Navigating Market Challenges and Finding Success 

[00:14:43] – Struggles and Acquisition of Company 

[00:22:50] – Market Timing in Startup Importance 

[00:29:30] – Total Customer Growth 

[00:35:00] – Choosing Between Complex Sale and ABM 

Why Listen:

Unravel the complexities with our guest, Adam Turinas, who transformed from a marketing leader to an accidental health tech entrepreneur. Adam provides a wealth of strategic insights, learned from his journey, and draws wisdom from his book, “Total Customer Growth.” He also shares how his enterprise, House Launchpad, aids healthcare entrepreneurs in attracting the right clients, shining a light on the power of networking and using LinkedIn for building valuable connections.

Join us to learn how these evolving dynamics can shape a more inclusive, innovative, and successful business landscape.

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