Top 5 Things My Healthcare CPA Wants You to Know with Jeremy Kilbert, CPA

The Private Medical Practice Academy

Top 5 Things My Healthcare CPA Wants You to Know with Jeremy Kilbert, CPA

September 6, 2022

Top 5 Things My Healthcare CPA Wants You to Know with Jeremy Kilbert, CPA

When I started my medical practice I quickly learned that there’s much more to accounting than quickbooks.  My CPA firm, with its extensive healthcare experience, has served a phenomenal business advisors. In this episode of The Private Medical Practice Academy,  Jeremy Klibert CPA and I discuss some of the pressing questions that private practice physicians have.

  • Are you wondering what the right structure is for your medical practice? 
  • Do you know the difference between cash and accrual based accounting? 
  • Are you trying to figure out whether you should buy or lease equipment? 
  • Do the depreciation rules confuse you? 

Jeremy Klibert is a Tax Partner with Faulk & Winkler, LLC.  He is responsible for providing tax return review, tax research, tax planning, and consulting services for the firm. Jeremy works with a wide range of clients and focuses his efforts on serving high net-worth individuals, nonprofit organizations and closely held small businesses including medical practices. In his client relationships, Jeremy provides invaluable insight on tax, accounting and consulting issues.  You can reach him at [email protected]

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