More Patients, More Revenue with Zed Williamson

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More Patients, More Revenue with Zed Williamson

February 8, 2023

More Patients, More Revenue with Zed Williamson

More patients equals more money. Right? Not necessarily.

If you want to grow your practice, you’re probably thinking how do I get more patients. But is that really the right question to ask?

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of having Zed Williamson from TrackableMed back with me to address what you should be asking. For starters, increasing your practice’s volume and revenue does not happen by chance. Here are some of the questions we address:

  1. What type of patient do I want to bring into my practice?
    • Better insurance/payer
    • Need a specific procedure
    • Have a certain diagnosis
  2. Where do I find the patients that I want?
  3. Why do they want to see me? And how do I communicate that?
    • Hint-it’s not about you. It’s about them
  4. Are there obstacles in your practice that limit your growth?
    • Scheduling
    • Space
    • Staffing

Zed also shared how to determine the cost of acquisition of a new patient. You can reach out to Zed for his calculator at [email protected]

Last,  we discussed the invaluable task of writing out the step-by-step process that a new patient would go through so that you can identify any roadblocks that limit  your practice’s growth. 

Zed Williamson founded TrackableMed in 2011, a patient demand acceleration platform rooted in neuroscience. Zed grew frustrated by the lack of accountability in the advertising industry and started TrackableMed to focus on results. TrackableMed  helps private practices create patient demand for their therapies.

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