Episode 44: Credit Card Processing Fees Eat Into Your Profit

The Private Medical Practice Academy

Episode 44: Credit Card Processing Fees Eat Into Your Profit

September 14, 2021

Episode 44: Credit Card Processing Fees Eat Into Your Profit

If you are like me, you never carry cash. I pay for EVERYTHING with my credit card. And, as a consumer, I get annoyed if a place doesn't take credit cards. I never actually think about the vendor side of things. I figure they bundle the cost of taking credit cards into whatever they're charging me.

The problem for physicians who are in-network is that they get paid according to their contracted rates. They can't pass the credit card fees they pay for accepting this form of payment to the patient.

But patients expect that you will take credit and debit cards for their co-pays, co-insurance or deductible. It's part of doing business, right?

I know that when you are busy starting or running a practice you're not thinking about how much you pay for accepting credit cards. That said, there's no reason to pay more than you have to.

Yes, but not all credit card processing fees are the same. In this episode of The Private Medical Practice Academy, I sat down with Dr. Jennifer Mogan of Park Place Payments to talk about how credit card processing fees are structured and how to figure out whether you are getting the lowest possible rate.

Dr. Mogan is an anesthesiologist in a private practice group in Rochester, NY where she has been practicing for the last 15 years.  She attended college at Colgate University, and medical school and residency at the University of Rochester.  On the side, she is also working with Park Place Payments, a women-founded and women-run credit card processing company built with the core mission to bring honesty and transparency to this industry.  Dr. Mogan has been using what she has learned about the payments industry over the past year and a half to help her colleagues in medicine become more informed and make wise choices for their payment processing.  She is happy to do a complimentary consultation for your practice with a full analysis and side by side comparison to make sure your practice is receiving the rates and service you deserve.

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