Drug and Medical Device Reps Help Leverage Your Practice

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Drug and Medical Device Reps Help Leverage Your Practice

November 22, 2022

Drug and Medical Device Reps Help Leverage Your Practice

Drug and Device reps often drop into medical offices–usually uninvited. And they seem to always to be there at the most inopportune times. Most annoying is when they camp out in the back waiting for you. It’s no wonder that many physicians have disdain for Drug and Device reps.

If this is your attitude, you’re missing out on a great (free) opportunity to grow your practice.

In this episode, I chat with Omar Khateeb who helps med tech companies grow sales and drive product adoption using social media.  Omar is an interesting guy. His dad is a vascular surgeon and Omar went to med school before becoming a device rep. Omar ultimately transitioned to marketing and teaching reps how to interact with physicians.

Drug and device reps can help you grow your practice in multiple ways. They can:

  • help you assess your draw area
  • give you insight into your competition and  community in general
  • help market you
  • do research for you–about reimbursement, new procedures, demographics
  • help you recruit new physicians
  • help you determine where to open a satellite clinic
  • help you with social media posts
  • help you with social media content including testimonials, videos of procedures

Key point: Make the rep part of your team rather than view them as a nuisance. 

Here’s some suggestions for how to make the rep part of your team:

  • Set parameters for when you are available to meet with them
  • Be explicit in what your needs and wants are
  • Understand they may not have dollars to spend but they have time
  • Empower them to help you
  • Be nice. Get to know them.
  • Give them something back. Sure they want you to use their product more. But aside from that–a Linkedin pat on the back, a written or verbal compliment to their manager, inviting them for a cup of coffee. All of these things are either free or low cost to you and high value to them.

I know that all of this may seem counter-intuitive and burdensome. That’s exactly why you need to listen to this episode. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to grow your practice!

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