Demystifying Malpractice Insurance with Jennifer Wiggins, Aegis Malpractice

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Demystifying Malpractice Insurance with Jennifer Wiggins, Aegis Malpractice

April 26, 2022

Demystifying Malpractice Insurance with Jennifer Wiggins, Aegis Malpractice

 If you are an employed physician, chances are your employer purchases  malpractice insurance for you. Your first introduction to the complexities of malpractice insurance may come when you leave that employer and have to buy a "tail." And, if when you start your own practice you'll need to understand how to get the best malpractice insurance. 

Today, I chat with Jennifer Wiggins from Aegis Malpractice to help demystify malpractice insurance. Jennifer has over 16 years experience working for one of the country's largest malpractice insurers. In 2018, she left to start Aegis Malpractice, a broker specializing in malpractice insurance. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Difference between claims-made and occurrence malpractice insurance
  • When do you need a tail?
  • How often you should shop your malpractice insurance
  • The key elements of a malpractice policy
  • Attorneys and who decides when to settle a case
  • Why your practice needs a malpractice policy (and not just the individual physicians)
  • How to choose a malpractice carrier
  • Do you need a broker and if so, how do you which one

We all know that malpractice insurance is a major expense. You want to make sure that your money is buying you the best policy for your practice. Jennifer and Aegis are offering a free, no obligation review of your current malpractice insurance policy. You can learn more at and be sure to mention this podcast.

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