038: Energy Healing with Nicky Schulze

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038: Energy Healing with Nicky Schulze

April 5, 2021

038: Energy Healing with Nicky Schulze

Some healthcare professionals consider Eastern medicine practices like energy healing as “woo-woo.” 

However I firmly believe that this type of medicine complements Western healthcare practices. 

In this episode, I have a deep conversation with kinesiologist Nicky Schulze about her professional and volunteer work using both Eastern and Western healthcare practices. We also discuss what happens when we tap into our intuition, examples of indulgent self care and the importance of filling our own cup so we can continue to help others.


  • What are kinesiology and energy healing? (03:27)
  • Eastern and Western medicine can complement each other (07:41)
  • Allow your non-negotiables to be what they want to be (13:28)
  • Reconnect with nature (15:19)
  • Seek help from experts (18:01)
  • Create a space to tune in to your intuition (18:30)
  • A special story about intuition (20:01)
  • A tip to tap into your intuition (24:08)
  • The connection between the brain and the gut (25:38)
  • Indulgent self care (26:37)
  • The people who inspire you include yourself (31:05)
  • Gaining and sharing knowledge (34:37)
  • Fill your own cup (37:12)


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