Ep 38 “From Trauma to Treasure for Couples with Amy Van Slambrook”

Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast

Ep 38 “From Trauma to Treasure for Couples with Amy Van Slambrook”

March 3, 2021

Ep 38 “From Trauma to Treasure for Couples with Amy Van Slambrook”

In today’s episode, you will meet Amy Van Slambrook. She have 20 years of experience in the therapy and coaching realm (10 of which have been in full time private practice taking it to 6 figures, helping thousands of women and couples); trained with foremost experts in the field of trauma, relationships, psychotherapy, brain health, coaching and faith. She is a  published author, experienced speaker/podcast guest, consultant, mastermind leader. Amy also spent 20 years working in healthcare: managed healthcare finance (Director level), psychopharmacological & genetics research, program management. She helped thousands of women and couples heal their relationships, whether healing their marriage/relationship, getting out of toxic relationships or healing after trauma in relationships. Many couples call me their "last chance" before divorce and have been blessed to help them save their relationships. Amy uses a holistic approach to healing trauma, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

To connect with Amy Van Slambrook  find his/her links below:


Instagram: @amyvanslambrook

Twitter: @avanslam

LinkedIn: Amy VanSlambrook

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