Women Physicians Lead: Dismissed But Not Forgotten with Dr. Angela Marshall

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Women Physicians Lead: Dismissed But Not Forgotten with Dr. Angela Marshall

October 16, 2023

Women Physicians Lead: Dismissed But Not Forgotten with Dr. Angela Marshall

Season 4: Turning Pain Into Purpose continues with our next guest, Dr. Angela Marshall, a board-certified Internist and the President and CEO of Comprehensive Women’s Health, Inc. Throughout her medical career, Dr. Marshall has impacted the lives of thousands of women and their families. 

Dr. Marshall has been repeatedly named ‘Top Doctor’ by the Washingtonian Magazine and Consumer Research Council of America. She was also recently awarded the 2020 Top 100 Women Award in the state of Maryland and was recently featured on the cover of Enterprising Women magazine. As a contributing health expert, Dr. Marshall has appeared on several news programs including CNN, Fox News, and PBS NewsHour, and currently chairs the Board of Directors for the Black Women’s Health Imperative.  

She shares with us the devastating loss of her son and how she felt dismissed and overlooked by the healthcare system that she took a sacred oath to uphold and do no harm. She is on a mission to recognize and reduce bias by bringing awareness to patients and communities. She states, “.You cannot really listen to, respect, show empathy for, and believe people if you are operating with an attitude of bias, mistrust, dismissal, or fear. That attitude clouds communication, distorts diagnosis, misdirects treatment, and lessens patient compliance.”

She is the author of a new book Dismissed: Tackling The Biases That Undermine our Healthcare. She provides a unique perspective of being one of America’s top doctors, a woman, and African American, who candidly addresses the issue of bias in healthcare, sharing personal and patient stories and pragmatic solutions.

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