Episode 21 – Linda Crockett

Inspiring Women Leaders

Episode 21 – Linda Crockett

March 1, 2023

Episode 21 – Linda Crockett

Linda Crockett MSW, RSW, SEP, CCPA is known for pioneering the first and only full-service workplace harassment, bullying, and violence resource center in Canada since 2010.

She has also spearheaded the regional and national workplace bullying awareness week with active government leader endorsement since 2010.

Linda has won awards from the Government of Alberta Canada, and the University of Calgary in Canada, for her specialized services.

Her clinical and professional training includes a master’s degree specializing in workplace bullying.

She is a certified practitioner of somatic experiencing trauma therapy, prolonged exposure to PTSD therapy, CBT, addictions therapy, grief and loss therapy, and more. 

Linda has 34 years of experience in her profession of social work which includes 12 years in the specialized area of workplace psychological harassment and psychological violence.

She offers a wide range of services for all professions, trades, industries, institutions, and communities. This includes trauma-informed consultations, coaching, training for leadership, staff, and other adult students, and a repair and recovery clinic for complainants, witnesses, and those identified as being bullies or harassers (otherwise known as the respondents).

Linda’s clinic offers a safe, confidential, non-judgmental, space for groups or individuals to receive support, education, training, advocacy, coaching, and/or treatment for their psychological injuries.

Due to the complex nuances involved in these cases, Linda is continually identifying gaps in services and knowledge within all workplace systems, offering services to fill those gaps, and creating a worldwide network of resources.

Linda’s main goal is prevention along with early and effective interventions to prevent further harm, and repair options.

In this episode, Linda and I chat about:

Her leadership roles
Her leadership style
Her leadership journey
The leaders that helped her rise
The challenges she faced on her journey
How she navigated those challenges
How she thinks you can become a strong and kind leader
Her ‘take home’ leadership messages for the listeners, and
What she is currently excited to be working on.

Linda’s website is and she can be contacted via email at [email protected] 

Please reach out to Dr Harrison for individual coaching and/or organisational training via [email protected].

His web address and social media profile links / handles include:

He has co-written a new online course entitled ‘How to be Assertive, Maintain Boundaries, and Say “No!”‘ which can be accessed instantly here for only £55/$66:

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