Unpacking Apple’s new health records news — with Michael Abrams


Unpacking Apple’s new health records news — with Michael Abrams

June 25, 2021

Unpacking Apple’s new health records news — with Michael Abrams

At WWDC this month, Apple announced new health sharing features that allow users to share their health records and patient-generated data with family, caregivers, or their healthcare provider.  On today’s HIMSSCast, Michael Abrams, managing partner at Numerof & Associates, joins host Jonah Comstock to discuss the news and how it fits in the larger context of the healthcare system.

Talking points:

  • Context for Apple’s latest health records announcement
  • The impact of the new Apple capabilities
  • How Apple is set up against the competition
  • Apple’s ecosystem play
  • Are patients ready to own and control their health data?
  • Are physicians ready for patient-generated health data?
  • Injecting coaches and other stakeholders to fill the data usage gap
  • Wellness, prevention, and systemic incentives
  • Do tech companies see value-based care on the horizon?
  • The rise of the “payvider”
  • Technology and the bottom line

More about this episode:

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Apple Health Records launches out of beta with 39 health systems

How patient-generated data contributes to clinician burnout

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