State of Healthcare recap and Future of Healthcare preview — with Hal Wolf


State of Healthcare recap and Future of Healthcare preview — with Hal Wolf

June 18, 2021

State of Healthcare recap and Future of Healthcare preview — with Hal Wolf

Earlier this week, HIMSS Trust Partners from the HIMSS, the Chartis Group, Accenture, and ZS came together to share new data and insights at the HIMSS State of Healthcare event. If you missed it, you can still register and check out the event on demand here.

But on this week's HIMSSCast, host Jonah Comstock and MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett discuss some of the most interesting things they heard at the event. Then stay tuned for a special segment with HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf, who talks about what's to come at the companion, in-person event Future of Healthcare, scheduled for HIMSS 21 in Las Vegas in August.

Talking points:

  • Changes in consumer attitudes about telehealth
  • The state of healthcare from the patient’s perspective
  • What’s holding back the “low-hanging fruit” technologies?
  • Which changes are staying and which are going “back to normal”?
  • AI & ML: Providers are bullish in general but light on specifics, while patients are generally uncomfortable but excited when they hear specifics
  • Hospitals are bouncing back financially, but were lessons learned?
  • Are hospitals underestimating new competitive threats?
  • Looking ahead at the Future of Healthcare event
  • How COVID-19 changed everything, and the role technology has to play
  • How healthcare could follow in the footsteps of auto manufacturing
  • Future of Healthcare highlights

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