Top stories for 7/16


Top stories for 7/16

July 16, 2021

Top stories for 7/16

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has flagged unreliable IT infrastructure cost estimates; A recently approved Alzheimer’s drug could strain Medicaid budgets . Plus: Amazon gets FCC clearance for radar sensors for remote sleep monitoring.

Links to the stories:

VA EHR update: Watchdog flags unreliable cost estimates, training deficiencies

New Alzheimer's drug could cost Medicaid more than $2 billion

FCC gives Amazon green light to use radar for monitoring sleep

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What are the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease? Despite significant breakthroughs in medical knowledge, Alzheimer’s disease is still shrouded in stigma and misconception. In this episode, we hear personal stories of what living with Alzheimer’s is like.