Telehealth and value-based care — with Dr. Andrew Watson


Telehealth and value-based care — with Dr. Andrew Watson

September 2, 2021

Telehealth and value-based care — with Dr. Andrew Watson

On today’s HIMSSCast, we welcome Dr. Andrew Watson, medical director of telehealth for the UPMC health plan, and Susan Morse, Healthcare Finance News managing editor, to discuss the link between telehealth and value-based care: how new payment models can enable adoption of telehealth and how technologies like telehealth can push the industry towards new payment models, as well as the extent to which both of these things have happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This podcast is part of our Workplace Re-entry series and is brought to you by Zoom for Healthcare. It is a companion piece to this HIMSS TV episode with Danielle Louder.

Talking points:

  • Does value-based care make payment parity irrelevant?
  • Telehealth after COVID-19
  • Telehealth is more than video visits
  • How technology is driving us toward value-based care
  • How telehealth and value-based care are working at UPMC
  • How UPMC uses telehealth for urgent care
  • The utilization question and supply-induced demand
  • The future of reimbursement
  • How telehealth adoption post-COVID is going
  • Telehealth and behavioral health
  • Advice for value-based care implementation

More about this episode:

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