Should telehealth be specialized or one-stop shop? — with Varsha Rao


Should telehealth be specialized or one-stop shop? — with Varsha Rao

March 12, 2021

Should telehealth be specialized or one-stop shop? — with Varsha Rao

NurX CEO Varsha Rao joins host Jonah Comstock and MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett to discuss her telehealth company’s journey from a laser focus on contraception to a broader play for women’s (and men’s) health that includes dermatology and migraines. Along the way, we also discuss broader trends in telehealth, challenges of femtech, and NurX’s foray into COVID-19 testing.

Talking points:

  • NurX’s story
  • What does it mean to be a female-focused telehealth company?
  • Following a patient through her lifelong patient journey
  • How NurX got into home COVID testing
  • Digital health companies as service companies
  • Challenges and advantages of a woman-led startup
  • Things men don’t understand about contraception
  • NurX’s roadmap for new products, and COVID’s effect on it
  • Should telehealth be a one-stop shop?
  • The advantages of asynchronous telemedicine
  • Dealing with stigma in healthcare
  • The future of digital health and telehealth
  • NurX’s role in COVID-19 testing
  • What’s next for NurX?
  • Varsha’s advice for healthcare startups

More about this episode:

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Nurx sets sights on the migraine and headache space

Nurx collects another $22.5M for birth control & STI treatment deliveries

At-home COVID-19 testing services pump the brakes after FDA warns of ‘fraudulent’ kits

EverlyWell, Nurx to release at-home COVID-19 test kits within a week

Nurx gets another $52 million to deliver mail-order birth control, PrEP, STI test kits

Nurx adds STI testing to its mail-order product suite

Nurx gets $36M for telemedicine for birth control, adds Chelsea Clinton to board

Nurx raises $5.3M for app-based birth control and PrEP service

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