Dr. Tammie Chang – How Boundaries Improve Well-Being

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Dr. Tammie Chang – How Boundaries Improve Well-Being

February 23, 2022

Dr. Tammie Chang – How Boundaries Improve Well-Being

Host Jeremy Quinby talks to Dr. Tammie Chang about the challenges facing women who are care providers and how creating better boundaries with time, energy and relationships free us to do better work while creating space for more things we enjoy.  

Shortly after her child was born, and with increasing pressures from her work as a pediatric oncologist, she found herself overwhelmed with the demands on her time and energy and for a moment considered taking her own life as a way out.  This lead her to seek not only mental health support, but help from a health coach who helped her understand how essential it is to create better boundaries to enjoy all of the things she wanted to be part of her life.  

Seeing the growing need for this coaching for women in health care professions, she has shifted her focus to helping others like herself who are struggling to find the balance in their lives and careers.  She has developed personal and group coaching programs as a well as Pink Coat, MD., to build a community to support for women in health fields.


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