Indians—Is Rice really THAT bad for you? (Avantika Waring, S1, Ep 9)

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Indians—Is Rice really THAT bad for you? (Avantika Waring, S1, Ep 9)

November 14, 2022

Indians—Is Rice really THAT bad for you? (Avantika Waring, S1, Ep 9)

This is part II of our conversation with Dr. Avantika Waring.  Avantika is an Endocrinologist focusing on caring for people living with diabetes. She has worked with patients in various clinical settings for over 15 years and is currently the Chief Medical Officer at 9amHealth. Her clinical passion is the development of technology-enabled care delivery models that are equitable and culturally inclusive. She is originally from New Jersey but has lived on the west coast since 2009 and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. When she’s not at work, you can find her on the soccer sidelines watching her three kids, running and hiking the nearby trails, and skiing local mountains in the winter.

In part II, we dig deeper into several topics:

  • Important aspects of nutrition counseling: rice, lentils, ghee
  • The extremely uncertain science of glycemic index when it comes to rice
  • Not focusing on specific components of food but highlighting what people are eating and rebalancing rather than replacing food 
  • Beliefs around health
    • Decision-making with family
    • The importance of assertiveness when giving health recommendations, shared decision making health
    • The stigma around mental health, how to approach that

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