Ep. 74: Self-Sovereign Physician Community – Leah Houston, MD (CEO HPEC)

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Ep. 74: Self-Sovereign Physician Community – Leah Houston, MD (CEO HPEC)

Dr. Leah Houston, founder and CEO of an early-sta…
October 12, 2020

Ep. 74: Self-Sovereign Physician Community – Leah Houston, MD (CEO HPEC)

Dr. Leah Houston, founder and CEO of an early-stage startup called Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community. If you are a doctor or physician, this episode is for you. Her solution is to develop a platform that uses self-sovereign digital identities to allow physicians to manage their own provable credentials, cutting the administrative waste involved with provider credentialing.

Show Notes

•Introduction to Leah’s background
•What drives you to the healthcare industry?
•How did you first hear about blockchain technology?
•As a trained physician, when did you realize the flaws in provider credentialing system?
•What is the vision for HPEC?
•Importance of Self-sovereign Identity
•What is a DID?
•Explain the current process for a doctor to gain medical privileges in a clinic or hospital?
•What problems exist for healthcare professionals in regard to provider credentialing?
•Blockchain adoption and awareness in healthcare
•What are the biggest barriers to adoption?
•What does it mean when people say blockchain can provide more trust?
•How can HPEC affect the traditional credentialing workflow of a health system?
•Can decentralized provider credentialing improve overall digital health technology adoption?
•What kind of traction have you had so far?
•Can you describe your technology stack?
•Cost to build?
•What is HPEC’s business model?
•How did you find your crowdfunding platform?
•Physician investors
•What other companies are working on similar projects? How are you different?
•Outlook for 2021 and beyond
•Most influential book you’ve read – Zero to One by Peter Thiel
•Will the future of decentralized identity be hardware based or bio-metrics?
•Final Takeaways

Health Unchained News Corner

HIBCC Announces HIN Data integration within the MediLedger Network

The Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) recently announced that its Health Industry Number (HIN) System is now available to registered HIN licensees via Chronicled’s blockchain-enabled MediLedger Network. By using Mediledger, HIN pharma industry licensees will both be able to access and use real-time HIN data and incorporate it directly into their live business processes.
Manufacturers, Distributors, and GPOs on the MediLedger Network use its Contracts & Chargebacks Solution to ensure pricing contracts are aligned. The solution guarantees that distributors always have valid pricing for customers (Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, etc.) and that chargebacks are accurate.

I’ve interviewed Susanne in episode 66 of Health Unchained. I highly recommend you listen to that episode to learn more about her vision and plans for Chronicled and the MediLedger Network.

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