Ep. 70: Drug Supply Chain Evolution – Mark Karhoff (CEO Ten Count Consulting)

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Ep. 70: Drug Supply Chain Evolution – Mark Karhoff (CEO Ten Count Consulting)

Mark Karhoff is a Management Consultant and Found…
August 15, 2020

Ep. 70: Drug Supply Chain Evolution – Mark Karhoff (CEO Ten Count Consulting)

Mark Karhoff is a Management Consultant and Founder of Ten Count Consulting. Mark provides life science clients guidance with program management, process improvement, supply chain solutions, as well as DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act) compliance. He has worked with his clients on developing blockchain based solutions for adapting to DSCSA regulations.

Disclaimer: Remember, the Health Unchained podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and we are not providing any sort of legal, financial, or medical advice. Please do your own research and due diligence before making any important decisions related to these matters. Now let’s get to the show.

Show Notes
•Introduction of Mark’s background
•Journey from Logistics to Pharma supply chain with blockchain
•Origins of Ten Count Consulting – value proposition (youtube channel)
•How is COVID19 impacting healthcare supply chains?
•FDA DSCSA Regulation –
•Most challenging Supply Chain problems fit for DLT – data entry, track and tracing, temperature monitoring, fraud, counterfeits
•DSCSA Interoperability requirements
•What steps should pharmacies and pharma companies be considering?
•How is blockchain adoption and awareness in healthcare developing in the US?
•Bruinchain –
•What are some of the major barriers to blockchain adoption?
•What are the biggest misconceptions of blockchain when you speak with various healthcare executives?
•Mark’s article on 5 barriers to adoption –
•How can different trading partners align their interests
•Managing between data transparency and privacy
•340B Drug Pricing Program Complexity-
•Industry traction – examples of pilot projects?
•FDA pursuing Smart Food Initiative –
•PDG (Partnership for DSCSA Governance) website is
•Favorite book- Dangerous Doses by Katherine Eban, Tattoos on the Heart by Greg Boyle
•What do you believe in that most people would disagree with?
•How are you handling with the physical distancing measures?
•If you had to have micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted?
•Final takeaways – “The time to change is now”

News Corner

HHS CIO Arrieta unexpectedly resigns

On August 14, 2020, Federal News Network announced that, Jose Arrieta, the CIO of the department of Health and Human Services was resigning from the organization. Of course, it’s difficult for us to know all the circumstances of the situation, especially since it’s a cabinet-level executive branch department of the federal government in 2020.
Jose has been a champion of blockchain in healthcare for years now, reportedly had positive things to say about the HHS Protect initiative (which I featured in my last episode’s News Corner). The program aims to increase hospitalization data transparency using their platform called the Coronavirus Data Hub. I wish the best for Jose going forward and hope he plans to stay in the industry. We can use a person with his experience and passion to keep educating people on the value of decentralized ledger technology in healthcare. I invite him to come talk with me on Health Unchained. Hit me up Jose.

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