Ep. 58: Healthcare Industry Revolution – Heather Flannery (CEO ConsenSys Health)

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Ep. 58: Healthcare Industry Revolution – Heather Flannery (CEO ConsenSys Health)

Heather Flannery is the Chief Executive Officer o…
March 15, 2020

Ep. 58: Healthcare Industry Revolution – Heather Flannery (CEO ConsenSys Health)

Heather Flannery is the Chief Executive Officer of ConsenSys Health. On March 2, 2020, Consensys Health was officially spun out of one of the most foundational blockchain focused organizations in the world, ConsenSys AG. She is also a Chair at IEEE Standards Association P2418.6; Co-Founder & Chair, BiHG; Co-Chair, HIMSS Blockchain Task Force. Her previous work included web development, business development, entrepreneurship, Microsoft account tech specialist, Founder of Obesity Prevention, and other policy and management work.

Show Notes

•Introduction of Heather’s background
•Coronavirus and HIMSS cancellation
•Journey into technology, business, and healthcare in your career
•Entrepreneurship as a form of psychopathology
•Managing leadership roles in multiple organizations and general blockchain advocacy work
•When did you first hear about blockchain?
•Origins of ConsenSys AG and the Healthcare subdivision
•Why was ConsenSys Health spun off into it’s own entity?
•Values of ConsenSys: Radical transparency, self-organization, decentralization, self-sovereignty
•Decentralization of power-generation in the industrial revolution history
•Vision for ConsenSys Health and Company structure
•ConsenSys Health services categories: Bioethics, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Identity, Compliance
•Blockchain adoption and awareness in healthcare developing globally and domestically
•How critical is Ethereum’s future success and scalability for ConsenSys Health?
•What are the biggest misconceptions of blockchain when you speak with various healthcare executives?
•Perspectives from CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs and their biggest concerns when considering a DLT solution or project
•Healthcare consortia- what are they doing right, what can they do better?
•How important is community governance when developing a DLT solution?
•What are some examples of good blockchain-enabled use cases you are seeing in the marketplace? Bad examples?
•How important are HIPAA documentation requirements in the future of healthcare privacy?
•Federated analytics and federating machine learning
•What do you believe in that most people would disagree with?
•Favorite book – Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
•What are your thoughts about the AI singularity that is supposed to happen in 2045?

News Corner

On March 5th, 2020, Tampa-based Professional Credentials Exchange LLC (ProCredEx) announced that it raised $3.5M in an initial seed round of funding. ProCredEx has developed a digital marketplace using DLT and machine learning technology to provide a solution for provider credentialing organizations to share, exchange, and monetize their credentialed data with a secure and private platform. ProCredEx has partnered with R3 and has a license to build its marketplace on top of R3’s Corda Enterprise. Check out episode 31 to learn more about how provider credentialing can be improved with DLT.
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