Ep. 54: Explaining Valuation Models and Blockchain Adoption – Chris Plance (CEO Veris Foundation)

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Ep. 54: Explaining Valuation Models and Blockchain Adoption – Chris Plance (CEO Veris Foundation)

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January 20, 2020

Ep. 54: Explaining Valuation Models and Blockchain Adoption – Chris Plance (CEO Veris Foundation)

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Show Notes

Chris Plance, founder of the non-profit, Veris Foundation and Healthcare/blockchain expert at PA Consulting. We talked about his experience working with c-suite executives who look at blockchain as a tool to improve their businesses and the state of blockchain adoption in the industry.

•Chris first learned about blockchain from Casascius physical bitcoins.
•Recommends The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014) – Documentary by Daniel Mross
•In your experience, what are the biggest challenges and opportunities for blockchain adoption in healthcare?
•Veris Foundation (non-profit) origins and using NEO protocol
•Crowdfunding opportunities with blockchain
•ICO experience
•What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?
•Clearinghouses for healthcare claims processing – Change healthcare
•Explain your valuation model: V = V(information asymmetry)+V(platform)+V(growth speculation)
•Three factors for company Valuation– the utilization of information asymmetry, the value of the firm’s platform, and speculation over the firm’s growth prospects.
•What challenges do your clients increasingly face? Too much technology!
•There are 242 Health Information Exchanges
•Current healthcare data sharing business models are lagging behind platform business models
•Navigating the regulatory landscape
•If it’s not too personal, what would you consider to be your biggest mistake?
•Have you changed your mind on anything recently and what made you change it?
•If you had to have a micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted?
•What do you do during your free time? Drink wine

Health Unchained New Corner
Large healthcare companies are beginning to come together as consortiums in order to take advantage of the data sharing opportunities a distributed network infrastructure can offer. In part 4 of this series, the authors outline the details of 9 consortiums. The use cases include Drug supply chain and provider credentialing and it looks like their protocols only use Enterprise Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric. Mediledger being the oldest launched in September of 2017. Six of the 9 consortiums launched in 2019.

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