Ep. 50: Innovative Model for Private AI Advisors – Andy Singleton (Co-founder

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Ep. 50: Innovative Model for Private AI Advisors – Andy Singleton (Co-founder

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November 9, 2019

Ep. 50: Innovative Model for Private AI Advisors – Andy Singleton (Co-founder

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Show Notes

Andy Singleton, is the founder of HumanDB and long time software engineer and entrepreneur. HumanDB is an early stage startup that organizes apps, experts, and data to treat cancer, and provides an open-source platform that humans can use to run private AI advisors. He’s built advisory products for Bloomberg, Reuters, and Citibank, and ran machine learning and genetic algorithms for trading. We talk about how blockchain is not a useful tool for storing medical records and why federated learning is so important in deploying effective machine learning algorithms.


•Introduction of Andy’s background and experience
•Experience in early fintech business with Ivan Boesky and SNL Securities (SNL Financial now)
•Evolutionary machine learning algorithms and innovation technology
•Background of Andy’s startups, Aboveboard (blockchain securities investment platform, now Unbundled Fund) and Maxos (Matrix of Services)
•Decentralized communities and entry into healthcare
•Why did you start HumanDB?
•Utility of FHIR health data standards and limitations
•Industry EMRs/PHRs success/failures
•Origins of MyCancerdb its founder, Stephen Aldrich
•What are neoantigen vaccines?
•What kind of data will be shared on the HumanDB platform?
•How do various healthcare stakeholders (providers, labs, patients, payers) use HumanDB?
•Data custody management – who owns the data, encryption, and how is it managed?
•What is the role of AI in your platform?
•Main challenges and opportunities of using federated learning
•Why is blockchain not good for storing medical records?
•Which elements of blockchain can be used effectively in healthcare?
•Pitfalls of De-identified data
•Sanford pilot –
•Pharmacogenomics models
•VA project – supply chain project
•Most humans don’t really want to deal with data – why?
•Innovation at scale – why are most large companies not able to innovate at industry scale?
•Power law distribution
•Favorite book – The Origins of Order: Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution by Stuart A. Kauffman
•Famous role model (scientist, business leader, inventor, etc.) that inspires you – W. Brian Arthur who wrote The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves
•What do you do during your free time?

New Corner

A Florida detective was recently granted a warrant to access and search the nearly one million people’s genetic information held by consumer DNA site GEDmatch, even if users had opted out of appearing in police search results. It could set a precedent that opens up all consumer DNA sites to law enforcement agencies, so long as they can obtain a warrant. It’s likely that other police departments will now feel emboldened to request access to and 23andMe, which both host far more data.

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