Ep. 47: All-in-One Virtual Health Assistant – Sanjeev Wadhwa (CEO Life Singularity)

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Ep. 47: All-in-One Virtual Health Assistant – Sanjeev Wadhwa (CEO Life Singularity)

Sanjeev Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of Life Singulari…
September 29, 2019

Ep. 47: All-in-One Virtual Health Assistant – Sanjeev Wadhwa (CEO Life Singularity)

Sanjeev Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of Life Singularity. Life singularity is a startup looking to ultimately create A Virtual Assistant for every individual on the planet using AI/VR/blockchain to drive precision health. Sanjeev was a partner at Ernst & Young, CSC (partner technology, director RD Life sciences),

Show Notes
•Learning how to scale at Johnson & Johnson as a program Director 1993-2000
•What drives you to the healthcare industry?
•Life Singularity’sAI/VR/Blockchain platform was accepted (Top 20 out of 500 startups) for 2018 Healthcare Innovation Lab for MEDy (Medical Entrepreneurship and Disruption) awards competition at Healthcare Innovation Lab at Exponential medicine (, November 2018 in San Diego.
•What is the vision for Life Singularity? Why did you start it? How big is the company? Naming the company.
•Life Singularity’s collective intent is to help guide the patient’s holistic health
•VC perspective – Tackling too many services/technologies for a startup
•What is the current state of AI in healthcare?
•What kind of data can be collected in our exposome, behavome?
•Using geospatial monitoring
•Juhan Sonin – social determinants of health Ep. 20. Personal choice (individual behavior) 40%, Genetics 30%, medical care 10%, environment 5%, social 15%
•Can you describe your technology stack?
•Blockchain adoption and awareness in healthcare
•What are the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption?
•Who are your company partners and major customers?
•What kind of traction have you had so far?
•What is Life Singularity’s business model?
•Can you discuss any patents that Life singularity may have filed or granted?
•Explain the type of VR that your platform offers.
•What does the future of VR look like?
•How is life singularity handing consumer data privacy?
•Who do you consider your competitors? How are you different? What about google who has so much data?
•Were there any events or announcements in the healthcare/blockchain space that was very unexpected or surprising to you? Why?

News corner
Anonymous genome sequencing and the recent announcement from Nebula Genomics to offer tips and tricks to protect your privacy.
Tips they provide on their website include:
•Using cryptocurrencies or a pre-paid debit card to make the initial purchase of the Saliva Test-kit
•Using a secure email service like Protonmail
•Using a VPN to give you another IP address to browse the internet
•Reserve a PO box from USPS

I’ve interviewed professor George Church, who co-founded Nebula Genomics:

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