Ep. 45: Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence – Marc Bookman (CEO Opu Labs)

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Ep. 45: Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence – Marc Bookman (CEO Opu Labs)

Disclaimer: Health Unchained podcast is for infor…
August 5, 2019

Ep. 45: Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence – Marc Bookman (CEO Opu Labs)

Disclaimer: Health Unchained podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and we are not providing any sort of legal, financial, or medical advice. Please do your own research and due diligence before making any important decisions related to these matters.

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Show Notes

The skin care industry is worth about $112B and demand continues to grow internationally.

Marc Bookman is building a ethereum-based platform to allow people to measure the results of skincare products using artificial intelligence to examine images of the face and provide people with dermatologist recommended products that fit their needs.
Winners of the Startup Grand Slam at the World #AI Show 2019
Opu Labs Named to CIO Applications “Top 50 Healthcare Solutions Providers 2019”


Thanks for the introduction Brennan-

•Introduction of Marc’s experience – Entrepreneur, Investor
•How is it living in Tokyo?
•What drove you to the healthcare industry? Skin care industry
•Dermatology / Skin Care Industry fundamentals
•How did you first hear about blockchain technology?
•Company Vision – Opu Labs (Palo Alto) – Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence
•Products – Dapps Roadmap
•Blockchain protocols – using Ethereum
•AI – Skin analysis
•How does the Neural network?
•Data Storage
•Opu Coin (OPU) ICO raised $2M in 2018
•Token generating event and supply details
•Incentive/Rewards system
•Market Price Volatility
•Marketing in Thailand and other countries
•What is Opu’s business model?
•Opu Connect function and purpose
•Privacy and Security of personal data
•Who are your company partners and major customers?
•What kind of traction have you had so far?
•Community and Industry Stakeholders
•What are the biggest barriers to adoption, both DLT generally and in blockchain in healthcare?
•How can blockchain improve data exchange efficiency?
•Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities
•Outlook for 2019 and beyond
•Were there any events or announcements in the healthcare/blockchain space that was very unexpected or surprising to you? Why?
•Favorite businessperson/researcher/scientist in history or now? Ben Franklin
•Recommended reading or resource to learn more – The Right It by Alberto Savoia

News Corner
The following announcement isn’t really related to healthcare but is an important step towards bringing awareness about blockchain’s capabilities to the masses.
The National Basketball Association and Dapper Labs (the company responsible for Cryptokitties) have teamed up to announce the launch of a digital platform for blockchain-based collectables and an online game called NBA Top Shot. The platform is set to launch this fall season with the full game going live early 2020. You can find a link to the article and NBA Top Shot in the show notes.

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