Ep. 43: Separating Hype from Reality – Robert Miller (Senior Consultant at ConsenSys Health)

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Ep. 43: Separating Hype from Reality – Robert Miller (Senior Consultant at ConsenSys Health)

Robert Miller is an advisor to Remedichain, fello…
July 7, 2019

Ep. 43: Separating Hype from Reality – Robert Miller (Senior Consultant at ConsenSys Health)

Robert Miller is an advisor to Remedichain, fellow at Blockchain in Healthcare Global, he previously worked as the Director of Business Development at medicalchain, co-founded Honeycomb health and most recently serves as a senior consultant at ConsenSys Health.

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Show Notes

•Journey to ConsenSys Health
•Blockchain/Healthcare Conference experiences – upcoming ConVerge2Xcelerate conference
•ConV2X Conference Register here:
•Common improper use cases for blockchain in healthcare
•Cryptocurrency ecosystem and incentive mechanisms
•What are some of the Best use cases for blockchain in healthcare?
•What are some examples of companies/projects applying tokenization in a effective way?
•Breaking down Game Theory in the healthcare industry – How can blockchain architecture design align with behavioral economics?
•Blockchain as a social phenomonem, not just technical one
•Data unions in the future can help govern personal protections of people’s data
•Problems in healthcare data security/privacy/sharing
•Private/Public DLT protocols – pros and cons of different permissioning rules
•Thoughts on Facebook’s Libra
•Facebook’s cryptocurrency is a centralized wolf in decentralized sheep’s clothing by Joe Lubin (ConsenSys founder):
•Adoption trends of cryptocurrencies in society
•Market Trends
•Security Token Offerings for specific drug product development an opposed to the entire biotech company
•How can people differentiate between the hype and reality?
•What advice would you give healthcare/financial regulators?
•New Incentive mechanisms enabled by blockchain
•Focused airdrops will be more successful than spray and pray airdrops- is a good example for decentralized certificate authority and naming
•Were there any events or announcements in the healthcare/blockchain space that was very unexpected or surprising to you? Why?

News Corner

MELLODDY (MachinE Learning Ledger Orchestration for Drug DiscoverY) announcement:
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence partner:
In June 2019, 10 large pharma companies and European academic universities announce that they will be collaborating to train drug-discovery, machine-learning algorithms using each other’s data. The companies, including Bayer, GSK, Novartis, and Merck, are working with a google ventures backed startup called Owkin to facilitate the sharing of the competitors’ data without revealing commercial secrets to rivals. It takes at least 10 years for a new drug to move from initial discovery to the marketplace and cost about $3B. Through this collaboration, the goal is to accelerate and reduce the cost of the discovery of drugs. Owkin uses blockchain and AWS technologies to execute these machine learning algorithms without having the data ever leave the owner’s infrastructure, only non-sensitive models are exchanged.

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