Ep. 27: Commoditizing Integrity – Brennan Bennett (Founder of Blockchain Healthcare Review)

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Ep. 27: Commoditizing Integrity – Brennan Bennett (Founder of Blockchain Healthcare Review)

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March 18, 2019

Ep. 27: Commoditizing Integrity – Brennan Bennett (Founder of Blockchain Healthcare Review)

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Ep. 27: Brennan Bennett – Founder of Blockchain Healthcare review Dec 2016, HIMSS blockchain healthcare taskforce Oct 2018, Rutgers MS in biomedical Informatics, Humana analytics consultant

Opu Labs:
Metcalfe Fundraising:

•What is the vision for Blockchain Healthcare Review? Why did you start it?
•How did you first hear about blockchain technology?
•What drives you to the healthcare industry?
•How much of the news you see end up being all bark and no bite?
•Blockchain adoption and awareness in healthcare
•Regulation is the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption in healthcare.
•How can blockchain commoditize integrity? What does that mean?
•How can blockchain improve telehealth? Telehealth spreading quickly in veterinary medicine.
•Mental health delivery has a lot to gain from blockchain technology
•Emerging cannabis and CBD for medical market will be a driver of blockchain technology
•IoT sensors to validate origin of products
•Tracking organic food throughout its supply chain
•Why should healthcare organizations and leaders start experimenting with blockchain?
•What are some of the Best use cases for blockchain in healthcare. Why?
•Can you describe how blockchain can help the healthcare industry is adopt cannabis-based treatment?
•Who are your company partners? BlockApps, R3, CureAll (NJ), FundRx
•What is Blockchain Healthcare Review’s business model?
•Which industry verticals do you operate in?
•Working with – Unique Funding mechanism for startups
•How important is education about this blockchain/healthcare?
•Were there any events or announcements in the healthcare/blockchain space that was very unexpected or surprising to you? Why?
•Why is community so critical for successful blockchain implementations?
•Outlook for 2019 and beyond
•Favorite blockchain/crypto projects – Opu Labs, SimplyVitalHealth
•Favorite businessperson/researcher/scientist in history or now? Stephen Hawking
•What are your thoughts about the singularity that is supposed to happen in 2045?

News Corner:
Solve.Care / Lyft partnership
On March 4, 2019, The Ride-sharing/hailing company, Lyft announced a partnership with a blockchain/healthcare company called Solve.Care- a global healthcare IT company that’s developed a blockchain platform for coordination, administration, and real-time payments. Solve.Care wallet holders will be able to schedule their own Lyft rides to doctors’ offices, hospitals, and pharmacies with the ability to schedule for a desired arrival time. The Solve.Care app is available already but the actually deployment of the integration is still in progress. In my next episode, # 28, I speak to Pradeep Geol, the CEO of Solve.Care about this project among other interesting things. I think this is a great use case because lack of transportation to a site of care is such a problem for many patients. Lyft has already showed much interest in getting into the healthcare space evidenced by its existing collaborations with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana.

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