Ep. 25: Insights from the Crypto Sherpa – Dr. Alex Cahana (Venture Partner CryptoOracle)

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Ep. 25: Insights from the Crypto Sherpa – Dr. Alex Cahana (Venture Partner CryptoOracle)

Dr. Alex Cahana Pain management medicine. NFLPA m…
February 10, 2019

Ep. 25: Insights from the Crypto Sherpa – Dr. Alex Cahana (Venture Partner CryptoOracle)

Dr. Alex Cahana
Pain management medicine. NFLPA mar 2017-pres. Veteran. Head of interventional pain. UN/CEFACT United Nations economic commission for Europe. (expert on Blockchain and Healthcare). Venture Partner at CryptoOracle

Blockchain/Healthcare Udemy Course (w/ coupon):

•Introduction of Alex’s background and journey to becoming the CryptoHealth Sherpa
•Experience as a moderator at the First Geneva Annual Blockchain Summit, in Geneva, Switzerland. What was the focus of that event? Was there much discussion around healthcare?
•During you blockchain/healthcare workshops, What is the most common misconceptions or misunderstandings about blockchain?
•“Crypto community should stop talking about dis-intermediation, start talking about re-intermediation”
•Coopetition (collaborative/cooperative competition) vs. Competition
•Free markets can have producers, non-producers, and counter-producers. Open markets are inclusionary to everyone and restrict non-producers and counter-producers.
•The importance of ecosystem/economy design and governance
•Technology adoption – 5 stages of Grief: Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance
•Problems in healthcare data security/privacy/sharing
•Patient-centric approach vs. patient-driven approach
•Importance of peer to peer transactions and community. Unpacking Alex’s statement, “the opposite of health is isolation”. How does blockchain solve that problem?
•The opposite of heath is not disease; the opposite of health is isolation. So the journey back to wellness is connectedness.
•If you take the “i” out of “illness” and replace it with “we”, you get “wellness”!
•Can cannabis be an alternative solution for people suffering from the opioid crisis? Alex answers as a doctor, economist, and father.
•Adoption of cryptocurrencies in society
•Alex mentioned, at the AiForGood Summit in Geneva, TODA protocol CEO, Toufi Saliba, said blockchain adoption is so low (<0.2% of population) because it is not “SECSI” enough (read sexy). Secure, Execution, Compatibility, Sustainability, and Interoperability are not there yet. (Editor’s note: After doing research on, SECSI stands for Security, Efficiency, Confidentiality, Scalability and Interoperability)
•How can various stakeholders benefit in the blockchain ecosystem?
oPatients, providers, payers, pharma, and research
•Competitive landscape – 200+ blockchain/healthcare startups
•What factors can contribute to predicting a successful ICO/STO?
•Artificial Intelligence ethics
•What would you ask healthcare/financial regulators to do about this new token economy?
•Perspective matters: Poop emoji or Hershey kisses
•If it’s not too personal, what would you consider to be your biggest mistake?
•Market outlook

News Corner
150 page report by Global Market Insights, global blockchain technology in healthcare market is set to surpass $1.6B by 2025. Growing applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare will result in huge demand and increased adoption rate. Lack of skilled workforce will be one impeding factor for blockchain in healthcare growth. This will be a skill that’s in demand. Get educated! Check out the Show notes for links to this report and a link for a Blockchain Healthcare UDemy course with a special healthunchained discount coupon. Also, In my opinion, $1.6B by 2025 seems pretty low and probably doesn’t factor in all the cost savings and improved data ownership models that give value to the health record producers.


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