Ep. 23: Comprehensive Health Data – Matt Sinderbrand (CEO Betterpath)

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Ep. 23: Comprehensive Health Data – Matt Sinderbrand (CEO Betterpath)

In this episode, Matt Sinderbrand, co-founder of …
January 21, 2019

Ep. 23: Comprehensive Health Data – Matt Sinderbrand (CEO Betterpath)

In this episode, Matt Sinderbrand, co-founder of Betterpath, describes why comprehensive longitudinal health data should be owned and managed by the individual. Betterpath was founded in 2011 and has registered a couple patents related to health data processing and management. As data inputs increase with better technology, we will be generating tons of contextual information that will affect our health and well-being. We discuss the vision for his company and the healthcare industry of the future.

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Many thanks to my guest from episode 22, Brennen Hodge of Citizen Health, for introducing me to Matt Sinderbrand.

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Show Notes
•Introduction of Matt’s background
•Personal story towards the path into healthcare
•Betterpath was founded in 2011
•Matt’s Masters Thesis: “Using Structured Query Language (SQL) to Stratify a Large-scale De-identified Patient Database: Addressing the top-down versus step-up treatment debate in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)”.
•Betterpath, Inc.2012. “Integrated Healthcare Systems and Methods (IHSM)”. US Patent 9,202,066. Accessed from
•Betterpath, Inc. 2014. “Human and Machine Assisted Data Curation for Producing High Quality Data Sets from Medical Records.” US Patent (pending) 20160110502 A1.
•“Two jobs for health providers: knowing who you are and knowing how to treat”
•Optum’s Rally Health is a digital well-being tool used to incentivize improved lifestyle and health. It has paid individuals over $1B in incentives
•Need for comprehensive health data
•What differentiates Betterpath from other companies trying to pay people to manage their own health?
•Consumer Directed Exchange
•EHR compatibility and interoperability
•Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to feed data into Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)
•Data storage and Cloud
•Data Depth vs. Volume
•Consumer-directed Exchange Signal – Data buyer query to pull specific dataset and pay individuals who are part of that dataset
•Pricing the value of health data in the market
•dApps and Open-source platforms
•Benefits of Health Savings Accounts
•Product development updates
•What would you consider to be your biggest mistake?
•Customers – adoption challenges
•Industry Partners and concept traction – existing partners and pilot projects
•Betterpath team and culture
•Matt’s most admired business leader: Dr. William Yasnoff, MD, PhD (Founder of Health Record Banking Alliance)

News Corner

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned on Friday that if the partial government shutdown persists, it will force the FDA to make “hard decisions” on preserving key functions of the agency. This is causing many drug application submissions to be delayed. The FDA says it has five weeks of funding left before it runs out of money to approve new drugs.

Do you think it’s possible for more transparent democratic systems to form that are actually in-touch with our modern data-driven world? Blockchain based networks like Bitnation and have already proposed the idea of decentralized voluntary borderless nation to displace or augment traditional nation-states. The safety of our consumers should not depend on federal funding or political battles.

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