Ep. 21: Empowering Patient with Blockchain – Chrissa McFarlane (CEO Patientory)

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Ep. 21: Empowering Patient with Blockchain – Chrissa McFarlane (CEO Patientory)

Chrissa McFarlane experience as a laboratory rese…
December 24, 2018

Ep. 21: Empowering Patient with Blockchain – Chrissa McFarlane (CEO Patientory)

Chrissa McFarlane experience as a laboratory research assistant 2007-2009 at the US dept of Agriculture and Albert Einstein College of Medicine 2005-2007 helped shape her perspective in the healthcare system. She studied Business and Africana studies, Spanish, Latin American studies/ global health at Cornell University. Wake forest university MA- business.
Bronx High school
She’s an active leader at HIMSS and is part of their Blockchain in healthcare task force. She’s also a mentor of Boomtown accelerators

Patientory was founded by Chrissa in 2015 and raised $7.2 Million in 2017 via an initial coin offering. We talked about what it means to empower patients to own and manage their own medical records using blockchain technology. Admittedly, Chrissa doesn’t emphasize the word blockchain when speaking to healthcare executives because it tends to dissuade them.

Patientory Association Website:
Patientory Corporation Site:

Udemy Blockchain/Healthcare Course ($125 off with HEALTHUNCHAINED coupon):…de=HEALTHUNCHAINED

Topics Overview
Chrissa McFarlane, Founder and CEO of Patientory- A peer-to-peer EMR Storage network.
• Introduction of Chrissa’s background and experience
• Origins of Patientory and experience with startup incubators
• How important is the peer-to-peer aspect of your company?
• How does the app interact with hospital systems to get provider produced patient records?
• What happens if Patientory no longer exists? Where does my data go?
• Private key management- maybe body embedded RFID chips
• Permissioned blockchains and cryptocurrency market
• How can various stakeholders (Patients, providers, payers, pharma, and research) benefit in the Patientory ecosystem?
• Smart contracts and insurance claims processing
• Patientory Enterprise is still in development and will be released in 2019
• How much has the crypto bear market affected your company operations or goals?
• How are blockchain companies changing traditional Business strategies?
• Patientory is one of the first healthcare/blockchain companies having started in 2015. Did the early start help you stay ahead of other competitors doing similar projects?
• HIPAA compliance and regulatory environment
• PTOY token utility is to allow access to the network and allocate data storage
• Patientory Association is currently run by Patientory ambassadors
• Patientory sponsored the 2nd issue of the Journal of the British Blockchain Association
• Adoption challenges
• Patientory team and community culture
• Roadmap

News Corner
The biggest story in the past couple weeks is McKesson’s Change Healthcare acquisition of Pokitdok. Pokitdok was founded in 2011 and provides its customers with a platform-as-a-service solutions including Identity, benefits, and claims management. Pokitdok’s solution run on a blockchain called Dokchain and is governed by the Dokchain Health Alliance. Change healthcare plans to integrate key PokitDok APIs into the Change healthcare intelligent healthcare network which will add new capabilities for digital health, telemedicine, and other new disruptive car models that support value-based, patient-centric healthcare.

The Change Healthcare Intelligent Healthcare Network reaches approximately 2,200 government and commercial payer connections, 5,500 hospitals, 900,000 physicians, and 33,000 pharmacies. In the company’s fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, it facilitated nearly 14 billion healthcare transactions and $1.0 trillion in annual healthcare expenditures.

Press Release:

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